Finance and dancing may not be the first skills associated with setting up a sausage making enterprise, but Owen and Tanya Morgan have successfully changed careers to launch Carmarthenshire meat business, Myrddin Heritage.


The newly-weds ‘stumbled’ into farming, and after a year working on free-range pig farms in Australia, they realised it was the life they wanted to pursue.


At their own smallholding near Llandysul, their pigs are free to root, forage and graze, as pigs should. 


 Nothing but the best makes into Myrddin Heritage's ever-growing product range, supplying homes and great restaurants across the country. 

This is the story of how we stumbled into farming...and have never looked back.

18th June 2013:

Owen's 23rd birthday

It's Owen's birthday and it's absolutely boiling, all the windows and the door is open at home... in the static caravan. A few months ago Owen mentioned wanting pigs, no idea where that has come from but since we have some land I have done some research and as a surprise we are collecting two pigs today. 

The reaction was priceless, I don't know how I could top this.

August 2015:

Flying to Australia

Those two pigs changed our lives, office jobs weren't for us and pig farmers we are meant to be. Neither of us have farming backgrounds, so we decided to quit our jobs to gain experience on large scale free range pig farms...In Australia. Why Australia? Well why not :) 

April 2016: 

Returned home

We worked on 5 farms in Australia, met some amazing families which have taught us so much about free range farming and how to build a successful business and of course quite a bit about pigs.

February 2017:

Glen Cottage and the pigs

No turning back now. We have the property, land, the knowledge and today the pigs. Over 2 years ago it was just an idea, today we're making it happen.